Moggy Bali Yacht Charters operates Bali Surfing Charters 12 months of the year!

We do Private Surfing Charters, Your Group Only. This program suits surfer friends/surfer group or family who want to go for a surf trip, without having to join with strangers or other people on board. This program gives you complete privacy and control while you are on your trip. It also gives you and your group more time and flexibility to explore the best surf spots on the islands.

Our Surf Charters operate with a minimum of 1 passenger and a maximum of 8 passengers. We have gone quite a few times with only 2 private passengers.

We do Surfing Charters to Nusa Lembongan, Lombok and Southwest Sumbawa, minimum 1-14 days round trip, usually 7-8 days.

Lombok has quite a few great surf spots, and Desert Point is one of them. Desert Point is known to be one of the best left breaking waves in the world. For you surfers who love tube riding, this is the place for you to go surfing.  

In Sumbawa, there are also some great surf spots, at Yoyo’s, Scar Reef, Super Suck and a quite few more. It’s your choice on where you want to go, and how many days you want to go. We have some excellent regular-foot spots to go to during the months of November – April.

Our goal on a Surf Charter is to put you in the water with the best waves, the least number of people, and with a positive attitude which encourages you to do your best!

For the accommodations, we have 3 X double cabins, two of which are convertible to two singles each, and 2 x single cabins.

There are 12 large and comfortable cushions for sleeping under the stars, or sleeping, lounging under a large covered deck. There are 2 toilets and fresh water showers inside and out.

Our food on the charters is second to none. We prepare great food, both Western and Indonesian food. All cooked fresh on board, and in quantity to fill any hungry surfer. Breakfast and lunches are no less spectacular. For dinner, we have our awesome family style all you can eat BBQ menu.

With a large capacity freezer and refrigerator, you can expect choice West Australian tenderloin steak, assorted seafood, plump chickens, and lean pork loin, garlic bread fresh crisp salads, coleslaw, diced fresh tomatoes + green onions, a potato dish, and much more for Western food. For Indonesian food, we have pecal (Boiled vegetables with not so hot peanut sauce), rice, noodles, sauteed vegetables and much more. Also, we provide free 6 beers per/ day/person, can be modified too.

A full array of modern navigation electronics, communication, and safety equipment means we can keep moving day or night. Shimano state-of-the-art sport-fishing rods and reels and US Divers snorkeling equipment is also aboard for your enjoyment.

A fully equipped entertainment system is on-board including a TV, radio, cassette deck CD, VCD, and DVD. We have over 1000 CDs/DVDs of current and classic movies, and concerts.

Our extremely fast dinghy insures you of getting your best and deepest home videos and still shots.

Your Captain has over 50 years of surfing experience, 20 years at Sunset Beach, Hawaii and 24 years on Bali. Experience makes the difference!

Escape the northern hemisphere winter!  Make your Surf Trip an unforgettable memory with us!

Please visit Extended Cruises – Live Aboard page to see our programs, the prices, inclusions and our policies.

If you want more information, please email Captain Don Bennett.


On Overnight/Extended Charters, We depart at 9:00am on the first day and return at 6:00pm on the last day.



Our reputation:

Best Boat, Best Food & Best Service since 1993.